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Nice work Chief! Congrats on the doe! Hopefully one of those big bucks will show up for you! Keep at it!

[QUOTE=ChiefWhackABuck;14492179]Well, update from the other morning. I shot a doe at 28 yards. Arrow skipped off a branch on the way to her and hit her high and back, just under the backstrap about midway down the body. She took off and I figured I was gonna lose the deer, but she stops after about 35 yards and looks around like she had no clue what happened. I nock another arrow and get ready to shoot her again, and she staggers and hits the dirt. Turns out I hit her aorta and center punched the liver on the way out, so I got lucky but I'm fine with that. First deer with a bow! After she went down I stayed in the stand to see if a buck was on her tail, and sure enough a little 8 came trotting by about 5 minutes later, but he got a pass. Now I'm hoping one of my target bucks makes a mistake.

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