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I went scouting for deer hunting spots today and had the rifle for any hogs I might see. Got poured on by the rain and eventually made it to the truck. Just started driving and saw two separate groups of hogs on the road of course, they must know we canít kill them off the road. I found a really good spot and of course I saw an old ladder stand that had pine needles stacked up on it. Not trying to start an argument, but I just wanted to double check that there isnít any rules different for a National Forest versus a normal Texas WMA in regards to the 72 hour rule. Iíve seen a lot of ladder stands and permanent wooden stands out there, but I always hunt in a climber or portable hang-on stand. If the rules are different for a National Forest, then Iíd buy 2-3 cheap ladder stands and place them all over and leave them like I have been seeing, much less work than carrying my stands on my back in and out every weekend. Like I said, not starting an argument I donít care if you leave your ladder stand year round, just double checking if itís different for National Forest. Iíve been on other WMAs and have seen ďpermanentĒ stands would be nice if the owner would at least put a ď2019 tagĒ or something saying they are still going to use it and not that they didnít just want to haul it off.
Leaving a stand out there over 72 hours is not allowed - I would take a picture and report to Game Warden - we're all supposed to be following the rules. I've seen permanent stands and have reported to Forest Service - after a month I went back out biking/hiking and it was still there - called TPWD and it was gone after one week. I'm not trying to be a pendejo - but the rules are there for a reason (and they're pretty simple rules to follow).
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