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Default PSE Mini Burner

I have 2 children (girl/8, boy/12) that I am really considering getting PSE Mini Burners this Christmas from Cinnamon Creek. My question is should I get them the 29# or the 40# limbs? They have tried my oldest daughter's Barnett Vortex and cannot draw it (my 12 year old drew about 1/4 draw). I do not know poundage, but it is over 30, but under 40. My 8 year old's draw length would be right at 22 inches and my 12 year old's would be at 23.5. I will take them both in to be sized and get draw length dialed in (also top poundage they can draw comfortably). I'm just curious of what limbs to possibly go for because I do not know the furthest turndown of poundage at 22/23.5 inches of draw on this bow.
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