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Default Another John Lesson

It has been a rough week for us so far. Jen and I both started back to work on Monday, and that sorta helps to take our minds off the loss, but its so hard to get back going. I almost feel like everyone tells you its time to move on and try and forget what happened, but I am just not ready to do that yet.

Another lesson I take from John, is the fact that your kids are not always going to be interested in what we are interested in. We can hope for that, but doesn't always happen. I have 2 boys, and its my hope that they are both avid hunters and sports freaks, like me. If they do not show those same interests its on me, to get into whatever it is that they are into. Its not their job to adapt to me, I have to adapt to them, its my responsibility as a parent.

When it was apparent that neither of John's daughters were going to be hunters he became involved in their activities. Concerts, Dance, Friday Night Football Games, Movie Watching, etc. He was really good at making his girls feel special, and that seems to be the key.

He loved to fish, I didn't. I love to play golf, he didn't. He took up golf the last few years so he and I could have something we could do together in the spring. He could have went fishing, and I would not have cared, I knew it is what he loved to do, but he chose to spend that time with me on a golf course. That is the kind of man and father figure John was to me.

He never forced fishing on me. You guys think he was smart about hunting, you should have spent a day on the water with him. He was so good it was scary. He could tell my heart wasn't in it, so he decided to do things with me that I was more into, and I cannot thank him enough for that.

I really hope that my boys want to hunt and play sports just like I did, but if they don't I am going to take a page out of John's notebook (very extensive notebook) and get involved in their other activities so we will have that special bond John shared with both his daughters.
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