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Originally Posted by bossbowman View Post
Really surprised at the lack of big buck harvests there this year after what I saw scouting it last year for the archery hunt that ended up getting cancelled becasue of the flood.

Out of the 9, one was a 13 youngster

One was 3.5 and the rest were 5.5+ as far as I know

The few I did see in person I would not have guessed were older deer based on antler size

Maybe they have been eating something that is tough on their teeth (pea gravel ) but I feel confident the staff there have all been around long enough to age them as accurately as anyone

The floods really hurt the population from what I was told. 1:32 deer density currently and I think they said it was around 1:12

The deer we saw were all healthy and slick looking

Kevin maybe we will meet someday

Congrats on the buck

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