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Default Daughters first buck!

Wrigley and I decided to create a brush blind for us to hunt for a slick six that I had a few pictures of last week. We were in a spot I had used a few years ago, underneath the tripod where I normally hunt. We did this right after church on Sunday. I cut the cedar limbs and she carefully placed them. We had an old TV trey table that we set up for her to have a rest on for her crossbow. We left about 1:30 or so and then returned at around 5:30 to hunt. My mom, "Maam-aw" dropped us off at the stand to save on us from sweating too much. We got settled into our blind and after about 15 minutes or so, we saw a couple of does down the draw under a small mot of oak trees eating acorns around 200 yards out. We watched them slowly work their way up towards the feeder. The wind was absolutely perfect right in our faces, so once the feeder threw at six, the deer paid us no mind at all. 7 does and fawns rushed into the feeder and started eating. Wrigley’s eyes got really big at how close they were and that they didn’t have a clue we were there. We had hunted together many times before, but never this much in the open and always from behind the safety of a popup blind. After about 10 more minutes passed, the deer we were after happened to show, he came from the opposite was of the does, and worked his way into the feeder. Wrigley was super patient to wait for the best shot opportunity. Once he was broadside and there were does behind him. Another time he was standing broad side but right behind the feeder leg. Then another time another buck was directly behind him. As an eleven year old, she showed a lot of maturity in her ability to wait until he was finally perfect, slightly quartering away, all clear, then she let the bolt and slick trick fly. It was a perfect shot. I knew he would not travel far. After waiting about 10 minutes of watching her little hands shake from excitement, we retrieved her bolt, followed the blood trail about 30 yards, then took pics of her first ever buck. She was thrilled and so was I! I am very proud of her.
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