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Originally Posted by Kirby86 View Post

So is that belt youíre using just a tree strap?

Iím kinda sitting here thinking ďwhy didnít I think of thatĒ, rather than going the salvaged harness route.

Iím finding that the leg loops arenít exactly necessary but I think they make my fiancťe feel better about this thing. She says it looks like Iím wearing a heavy duty Depends diaper [emoji52].
Yes it is a treestrap. Good eye. I have since upgraded the buckle to a cobra. Im probably going to give this one to a friend of mine and make another with a little stiffer webbing so the belt portion is more rigid and less floppy when putting it on.

Yea the legs straps aren't necessary but i find them beneficial. They keep the saddle from riding up off your butt.

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