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Man that is awesome! I got excited just reading this thread...

Originally Posted by RdRdrFan View Post
Yeah that ram is a gagger. Iíd love to get one like that. I havenít spoken to the landowner but I was told from another source that the trespass fee to set foot on that ranch and shoot a ram is STEEP. Like down payment on a decent little piece of real estate steep. I am in no way against trespass/lease fees but Iím not interested in paying dang near the same thing Iíd pay to go hunt Dall sheep in the NWT or the Yukon. Iíd fully expect to see pics coming out of that ranch with a big ram before the middle of September. That unit opens up at the end of the first week or shortly after the first week of September. The other Gov tag will go in on that private ranch and kill in the first day or two I would guess. Just a hunch.

Nothing but scouting so far. The folks associated with RMBS have been great. I went up for their gathering in July. Others have not been so great. No need to get into that on here. It wonít affect how I approach the hunt.

Iíve got quite a few folks that are keeping and eye out and doing some scouting. Iíve done some of my own. Have a lot of great leads on some really good rams. Unless we get our eyes on a massive (180Ē+) ram beforehand, we are leaning towards hunting the rut. Several great areas that hold some older big rams donít have seasons that run into the rut and those rams stay hidden away until then. We have a solid game plan I think. Gonna keep looking and scouting but if nothing major turns up between now and the middle/end of November Iím not too worried. Really looking forward to getting up there and getting after them.

I like your style, screw that guy...
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