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I have one. Did a short review on Tradtalk and have a good discussion going about the Discovery limbs on Archerytalk. Farmington sells lots of archery gear. They are the importer for the Samick bows now. I'm not sure how many models Samick builds now days. My old Lancaster Archery Catalog used to have probably two dozen different models. The Atlas riser weighs 2 pounds 7 ounces. It comes in the box with what I call a medium grip. The grip is a little wider than I like but I become accustomed to it. I'm using a set of carbon foam Discovery limbs in long length. As far as I can tell, they lose about two pound moving from a 17" riser to a 19" riser. I'm still a huge fan of the Hoyt Buffalo riser and have two bows set up with limbs sold to the target crowd. I still prefer the Buffalo but the Atlas ain't bad and allows me to play with ILF limbs without having to wait around for a nice set to come along. Buying Formula limbs has gotten a little frustrating lately.
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