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Default Anyone else hunt out of a saddle?

Originally Posted by gettin closer View Post
I have been looking into this a lot. I just don't trust myself to stitch things up then have to wear a rock climbing harness for the extra safety measure. The wife would not be happy if I fell 20' out of a tree because I was sitting in a homemade rig. I am strongly considering the Guido's Web for next year and have not decided on the sticks with the aiders or the the Stepp Ladder. I like the sticks as they are faster but the Stepp Ladder really lows for mobility around limbs and can make a platform. although the platform that you have is very nice too.

If you can drill or screw steps on the properties you hunt, look at the treehopper or EZKut bolt systems. You drill a hole in the tree and slide a very tightly fitting grade 8 bolt in as your step. Bolts slide in and out on your way up and down, prepped trees are very hard to see, and a full set of bolts will weigh about 2.5 pounds. Also, lots of guys are using linesman spikes for even more portable setups.

Supposedly the guidos web is insanely comfortable, but they are a bit heavy and hot for early season down here. The custom sewing on this sling is just holding the add-ons like dump pouches, belt strap so I can wear it in, tie off points... etc. All of the weight bearing fabric was factory sewn.

The circled items are the only modifications

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