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Honest question here: how are they supposed to prosecute someone for some pieces of metal that “could” be assembled into a suppressor? Like maglites, oil filters, fuel filters, pieces of steel tubing roughly 1” diameter and 10” long, freeze plugs, etc. Everything I just listed is not illegal to own by itself or collectively, correct? The crime begins when you assemble (or prepare) the parts into a suppressor without permission from the almighty government, would it not? Otherwise it would seem as though every O’reilleys in the nation would be involved in selling “suppressor parts”.

Things are not adding up for me in this equation.
Its intent. Posts on social media i.e. this thread. Text messages and emails discussing how to build a silencer. Searches on building a silencer.

Purchasing solvent trap kits. Seriously, they really aren't as stupid as you think they are.

And when they show up and ask for the parts. You give it to them because it costs more to fight it.

It's the intent to use them as a silencer part and that's usually easy enough to infer and infer they can.

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