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Originally Posted by ttaxidermy View Post
I have said it for years..
I would hate to be a deer during archery season..
To many yahoo's hunting with archery equipment, or any equipment for that matter, that refuse to put in the time and effort it takes learn their equipment, what it takes to be effective and efficient at killing with their chosen equipment.. There is a whole more that is required to be efficient at killing than some realize....
Example: We should NEVER, ok rarely, see a post describing "lack of penetration"!!! I know it happens frequently on "hunting shows" but honestly it should rarely be a issue with today's technology in bows and broadheads.. There is entirely to many hunters that are choosing speed over Kenetic energy for a flatter flight path as to help with them compensate for lack of practice and their lack of ability to judge distance.. Kinetic energy is second in importance only behind accuracy.. It's obvious that many do not get this..
Hi - just curious - what is your recommendation on how many joules of KE you think is appropriate? I'm new to archery and just figured my J is = to 109, if I did the math correctly. Arrows are 8.6 GPI at 29.5", plus a 100g broadhead = 353.7 g, and my bow is rated at 340 fps, but I took it down to 320 since I'm 28.5" draw at 70#. Thoughts?
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