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Originally Posted by SaltwaterSlick View Post
Sir, I'm real sorry you need to do this!! Sure enjoy reading your "gang of idiots" threads!! I hope this health thing is just a temporary setback, though by you giving up your pups, I tend to believe otherwise... I pray God's grace and peace to you Froggy. If it can be His will to give you many more years, I pray it is so. If I was where I could run and take care of such wonderful dogs, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I grew up with Beagles and they're my favorite all time number one breed. But they need space and they need to run. I ain't got enough of either... Good luck sir and God Bless you!
Thank you Slick. I always enjoy reading your heartfelt prayers. I'm not one to normally share medical issues on social media. I will say it is not life threatening and the prognosis is good for recovery. Y'all can probably guess my health issue by this statement. My "taint" will soon be irradiated".

It is related to agent orange exposure in Nam. It will just take some time and limit my ability to run the "Gang" as they should be.

Every man reaches that point in life when he must realize and accept that he's not a spring chicken anymore and adjust his activities accordingly. It will be a hard thing to see my little hounds leave here but will be best for them in the long run.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.
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