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By the way, I'm going to make 10 gallons of home brew beer for this event teammates!

1 is going to be a Dos Equis Style Lager

Which other Flavor?

Chocolate Bock
Amber Bock
Red Lager
Rice Beer (Like Tsing Tao)

Leaning toward the Red Lager or Rice Beer for the second one.

Put me down for my super sized cutting board. What kind of sausage do yall want this year?

I'm planning on doing 3 flavors.

For sure these two.
Jalapeno and 3 cheese
Original Garlic

Which last one? Pick one of the following.

Smoked Chorizo with Monterrey Jack
Chili, Cheddar, Onion
Super Spicy (I mean light you up like Christmas Spicy)
Sauerkraut and Potato German Sausage
Old Fashion Brats

I'm leaning toward Brats, Chorizo and Monterrey Jack, or Sauerkraut and Potato German Sausage.
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