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Default Barrett 6.5 Swede load workup is done I think...

I've had this Barrett Fieldcraft in 6.5 Swede for a little over a year now. I mounted a Swarovski Z3 3.5-10X42 on it and have been working on load recipes off and on. I haven't been able to work on it as much as I wanted to or this would have been done a long time ago. I've got two loads to work with but I'm gonna stick with the 130 Scirocco/42.5 IMR 4350/Rem 9-1/2 for awhile. This is a four shot group after getting the barrel fouled. I had cleaned it down to bare metal and it took a little while to settle back in and these were the last 4 rounds I took with me. Velocity is 2660 FPS. This is the second time I've shot this load and got under .5 MOA.

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I've been playing around with the 130 Accubond as well. It shot so well in my 7/08 that I thought I'd try it in the Swede. 47.5 RL-19/CCI 200 and I was pleasantly surprised. Velocity is right at 2770 fps.

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