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Originally Posted by WItoTX View Post
You know, this is the route I had been considering. I still haven't been to Texas Archery to talk through it, or even what they can adjust on my current set up to get me out to 100. This weekend I shot to 80, and I couldn't believe how huge the .010" pin looked over my 24"x24" target. Going to need a bit more practice.

PSE and Prime were high on my list. The Dudley special from PSE is really good looking and light enough, but they are very proud of it.
If your sight has exposed fibers to gather more light, cover it. It will dull the pin out and make it smaller, it helped me Atleast. How my eyes work, if I have a bright pin; even at 20 yards I won’t be able to focus on the spot. All I will see is the pin
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