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Originally Posted by Gumbo Man View Post
I inject with my own made of 2 tubs of margarine, garlic powder to taste and Tonyís to taste and little hot sauce. Melt the butter how you see fit and add seasoning and simmer just a few minutes. Inject the turkey thoroughly and rub him done thoroughly with Tonyís and let sit for one hour so the seasoning can penetrate the skin. Why 2 tubs of margarine? Because I do 4 chickens the same way right after the turkey and vacuum seal and freeze for later. The oil is hot so I use it. The chicken, IMO is better than the turkey and supper moist. Happy T Day

I might have to try the chickens. I do 3 turkeys since the oil is hot. My family likes turkey pot pie so we cut, pre measure 2.5 cups of turkey and freeze for later in the year.

I might have to try the home made marinade. Fried turkey is great, itís just odd to spend $5 on a 17 lb turkey, $4 on a bottle of marinade and 50-70 on peanut oil.

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