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l drove to a ranch in NW part of county this morning to do a little scouting as I had not ever been on the ranch before. The ranch is about 1,800 acres and it is high fenced but has only native deer and there is no supplemental feeding. It was too late when we arrived as it was beginning to warm up and the deer were already bedded. We did see lots of does and it seemed that most had two fawns. We saw about a dozen bucks and one in the 150-160 range depending on how many kickers and stickers continue to grow. My son tells me that he generally sees quite a few really big slick 8 point deer and several over 150 have been taken off the ranch in the past. I did not see them this morning but did get a glimpse of two 20" type bucks at a distance that could have been big 8's. We did see two 3 year old bucks that were basic 10 point frame with extra points. They were bedded together so I am guessing that they were brothers. This area of the county is getting dry so praying for rain next week.
We may take a few hunters on this ranch when we know more about the deer herd.
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