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Originally Posted by AmmannsvilleGUY View Post
Nada. Hunted hard and I had a couple decent deer coming in and found out the buck I was hunting after was shot just a few days before the season was over with. A couple of lessons learned this year.

1. From Feb-August deer do not show up on the property. From August to the end of October is when deer come around.
2. Deer in the area are mainly nocturnal.
3. We finally have does coming into the feeder which is a first for us!!!
4. The number of Coyotes in the area is astounding and they will eat buckwheat, deer corn, and roasted soy beans.
5. Still no pigs which is good thing but having something else to target would be great.
6. ALWAYS keep the grass trimmed by the feeder.
2. That's interesting. We have quite a bit of late morning/mid-day activity where we're at. We saw multiple groups of deer in the area around 2:00 in the afternoon this past Saturday.

5. You can take ours . They're not terrible, but enough to **** you off. I transplanted three small yaupons the weekend prior to this past, and they literally dug in that one specific area, which ended up taking the yaupons out of the ground. I guess the freshly turned up soil got them worked up. They were still green, so I replanted them. We'll see what happens.
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