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Originally Posted by Hank Hill View Post
I got drawn for the 2nd year in a row, this time the first week of November. As others have said above the TPWD staff are very accommodating and they will help you out with any specific questions or requests you may have. The TPWD team has done a tremendous job clearing up roads, as long as it hasn't rained you can traverse most anywhere with a 4x4 truck. If its wet at all, however, you're going to either need an ATV or hoof it.

Last year I was drawn for the first (adult) hunt - starting last week of September and it was a tough row. The bucks weren't rutting and if you wanted to get on them you'd have needed be doing your due diligence ahead of time. The WMA is open year round (with exception of hunt weekends) and I'd highly recommend scouting in advance.

In addition to that - a tree stand is an absolute must-have. There are also a couple of functioning old tower stands nestled away there, that were leftover from when it was private property. Also, as stated above, a thermacell is a mandatory piece of equipment. If you want to stick some pigs while you're out there the West line of the property is covered up in them - but they can be found all over.

Last tidbit - they allow baiting, but dont waste your time hauling a bag of corn out there, they're too used to eating the all the acorns that are available. I did bring a ziploc of corn to toss under my stand, in hopes that it might get something to pause for a second while it was passing by but nothing ever came of it.

Good luck on your hunt, you'll have cell service so post some pics when you get out there!

I was selected for the same time frame also... 11/2-11/11.
I will be traveling solo... Shoot me a PM if you want to link up. It will be my first time out there.
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