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Default Help with three under..

Long time split shooter. Mainly a target or 3D guy, hardly ever hunt. Bad shoulders, musculature issues limiting back tension force me to low draw weights of ~30# and below. Still having fun though!

Today I hit ~6"@ 20yds with fingers split. Groups actually better at 30yds as I get closer to a split finger point on. 31.5" draw, arrows all have shafts cut to 31". 70-72" bows. Arrow speed is ~165FPS or so, FOC 9-12% depending.

Started playing with three under, touching nock with top finger, about 2 months ago. My challenge is that the point on for this style is like 10yds. 20 I have to raise tip above target and hide it, and that just throws me off wildly. Groups get really lousy.

Am I doing something stupid? Or is this just the way it is with such long, relatively slow, arrows?
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