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Originally Posted by Samson View Post
You are correct. What is rollmarked on the lower has nothing to do with it. Consider it Art. It has to do with what the firearm is listed as on the 4473.
1. If the gun comes as a rifle to the FFL it is to be listed as a rifle on the 4473.
2. If the gun comes as a pistol to the FFL, then it's listed as a pistol.
3. If a stripped lower comes to the FFL, it is listed as Other.
Best and correct response I've seen. There is one loophole in the above rules. You may convert a rifle to a pistol as long as the barrel is 16" or longer and the overall length is 26" or greater. The ATF still considers it a (altered) rifle. Just remember the above lengths mentioned do not count easily removed items such as pistol braces and unpinned muzzle devices. This ruling is why you can put a pistol grip on a shotgun but the barrel must be 18" or longer on a shotgun.
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