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Default Traditional FSC Week 44

This week, we'll stick with 12 yards (6 for kids) but shoot two arrows from any stance, trying to hit the triangular holes made by a "church key" on the top of a beer or soda can. Anyone under about 50 may have no idea that cans used to have to be opened this way since Prohibition was lifted and until the '60s, when "ring-pull" tops came along.

For the target, just trace around the bottom of a can with a Sharpie to make about a 2-3/8" diameter circle somewhere away from the middle of a piece of paper. I used an actual church key to make my triangular holes -- set opposite each other at "clock" positions OTHER THAN 3/9 or 12/6. Mine are at about 2 and 8 o-clock. The triangular marks should be between 3/4" and 7/8" from can rim to point and about 3/4" wide at the rim edge.

Shoot the first two arrows of a day, trying to hit each hole with one. Touching any part of a triangular hole counts as a hit. You can only count one arrow per hole. If neither hole is hit, but arrow hits top, measure the closest hit on the can top to the point of the nearest triangle. If one hole is hit, but the other is missed but still on top, then measure the miss to the tip of the other triangle. Goal is to hit each hole with an arrow. Up to five days' tries at this. Tie breaker is earliest, most hole-hits on a single day. If that's still a tie, then the closest arrow to the point of a triangle on that same day will come into play.

Good luck, and have fun safely!

Draw your own target or feel free to size and print this:

(Orient it either way)

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