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Default Traditional 3d shoot ideas...

Fellow Trad shooters, I am wanting to put together a traditional archery 3d shoot at my local 3d course in Pottsboro, TX right next to Hagerman NWR. I really like my local course and would like to put together a fun shoot. I really enjoyed the TBOT experiences I have had, and in no way want to get in the way of anything they are doing, scheduling or otherwise...

First thing, if I were to put on a shoot that far into North Texas, would there be any interest from this group in making that drive? is a 2 day shoot something that would add appeal or would one day be preferred?

Second thing, what is it that YOU would like to see in a course? Something that you have experienced at a course that you really like, or something that you have always wanted that no one else is doing?

Third and final question, what prize or prizes would you like to see for the winner of each class?
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