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Originally Posted by Gclyde12 View Post
I would look at the higher end vinyl planks that have a pre-attached pad on the back. It will give you the durability of the vinyl plank but will also be much more comfortable under foot.
This is what I did. I got something higher end that had significant variation from piece to piece with the pad pre-installed. It has fairly deep grain and texture similar to hand-scraped but not as deep. It is very comfortable to walk on and has a commercial ceramic coating on it that is really resistant to scratching. When the appraiser came to the house for our refi, they took pictures inside and he wrote on the appraisal, "Hardwood Floor", as it's really hard to tell the difference. It was about $4/square cost for the material. I laid it myself and did the entire house with no seams anywhere - even from room to room.

We have two dogs and a kid in a wheelchair. When it is raining we just throw a towel at the front door and get what we can but don't stress out over muddy paws or dirty wheelchair wheels.

Don't knock LVP until you have looked at some of the higher end stuff.
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