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Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
I would never put a knife in one of those.
What do ya'll do when you don't have one of these gizmos, or replacement blades for your Havalons?
Sharpening a knife is such a simple thing, I don't understand the reluctance to learn .

Well, Mr Holier Sharpener than thou, some of us canít get it, no matter how much we try. Iím almost 61yrs old. Iíve tried dozens of gadgets and ways to sharpen knives over the years, and I just canít get it. On the few sharpeners I have been able to figure out a little, it still takes me forever to get a really sharp blade. The electric sharpener I posted above is a dang good machine that works awesome and makes blades shaving sharp in a very short time.

So you keep doing what you do, and Iíll keep doing what I do, and weíll all be happy.

And btw, if you read the OP, he said he was unable to use most regular sharpeners due to him having a stroke. I put forward a great option for him!!!!!


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