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Originally Posted by Wall_Hanger View Post
F1 doesn't allow re-fueling during the race.....So they test the tanks before and after to make sure no funny business happens during the pits. There have been some rather notorious "shenanigans" played in the past with fuel and ballast where lead shot was used after the race to make weight or when the water being used as ballast was injected for "cooling" but they found to have methanol in it I believe and the car was basically on the bottle the whole race. Easiest now is to just test pre/post race. Now you know why Ocon and Vettel killed the cars on the track.

Strategy comes into play here. When they fueled up for the race they were thinking a wet race and slower pace, lower engine mode settings and therefore seems they added less fuel to get whatever weight advantage they could. Then it goes dry and everyone is on slicks and they are thin on fuel at the end. Sainz had to pull out as well to keep from running out of fuel which is why he wasn't fighting Lewis harder.

Thanks for the explanation.

Iíll be watching on DVR over the next few days, Iíll keep an eye out for strategy.

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