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Originally Posted by Drycreek3189 View Post
I had an 870 with a Choate pistol grip once. Still have the 870 but I shed that pistol grip pretty quickly.
Supposedly the design of the grip on these is supposed to cut down on recoil. I've watched videos of people shootin them and they seemed pretty tame. But of course accuracy won't be near as good with one that doesn't have a traditional butt stock on it. But I figure out to 35 yards I should be able to hit a coyote. If I can get pellets out there and hit vitals that far out. They may not be no 35 yard gun.

Both were a concern because I ain't wanting to bring one of these guns up at the moment of truth and get cracked on the side of the face. Or just completely miss altogether. Neither scenario would make me feel very good.

The semi automatic is pretty sweet but Remington has kind of gotten a bad rap the past few years so I don't know.

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