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I, like many others, have been away from the board since early last week. Didn't see the stickies in my initial browsing of the campfire. Stumbled onto one of the tribute threads and my mind started racing. I though, "surely tuthdoc is ok?"

I immediately searched the board and saw the stickies. My heart immediately sank.

How could it be that the passing of a man I never met could make me so emotional? I teared up in my cubicle reading the updates from the Mailman. Like many have said, he was my hero on here.

tuthdoc represented everything that is right about this board.

The knowledge he shared, and more imporantly the way he shared it was invaluable. He seemed to have such joy for life. I've looked at every tuthdoc thread since I've been on here. I would read anything the man had to say. When he commented on a thread I made, I would be so excited and proud!

I can't even imagine what Mailman and those that knew him must be going through. Just feel lucky to have been his friend. I wish I had been.

RIP tuthdoc. My heart goes out to Mailman and family.
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