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I've shared this story a few times. This is 100% true.

Back about 12 years or so when I was going to A&M, I was scouting the Sam Houston Forest in August. I had parked at a locked gate and walked in about a mile or so on the road, but by this point the road was basically a narrow trail. Well, I stumbled upon a cooler sitting right in the middle of the road/trail. Medium sized Coleman cooler. There were no tire tracks or boot tracks on the entire walk in. As far as I knew I was all alone.

Well, I'm caught by surprise by this cooler. I stop and think about what the heck this cooler is doing out here 1+ mile from the main road with no sign of anyone around. Body parts from a mutilated body seemed the most likely option at this moment. I actually hollered out loud if anyone was around. No answer. I walk right up to the cooler and inspect it without opening it. I see no traces of blood on the outside, so that put me at ease a bit. But this cooler looks fresh, like it hasn't been there long. I then holler out again, this time even louder. Still no answer.

Finally, I cant stand it anymore, I have to open it and see what's inside. So I open the lid, and lo and behold, I chit you not, there is iced down Miller Lite inside the cooler! Probably about a 12 pack or so. It was hot, and I was sweating. So i grabbed a few beers and went on my way. I hollered out loud 1 last time "I grabbed a few of your beers, thanks!" Still no response.

But then I got to thinking....what if this was bait? Am I being hunted? Is that banjos I hear off in the distance? I hit the brush and made my way back to the truck a different way.

I still have no idea how a cooler loaded down with ice and beer made it that far back in with no trace of another person. So I decided there was only 1 logical conclusion: That was Bigfoot's cooler full of beer, and he likes Miller Lite!
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