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Originally Posted by 4wheels View Post
Democrats are sacrificing Epstine to attack Trump. Epstine is very politically connected and the Democrats are playing with fire to tie trump to This guy. This may be another attack on Trump that bounces back on the Dems.

Kinda like watching a loony toons cartoon. The coyote and road runner. Trump is the road runner.
This. If you listened closely to Nancy Pelosiís daughter over the weekend, she basically stated that. Iím paraphrasing here, but she said ďsome of our favorites, both Dems and Republicans, are going to be named.Ē I think that means, we are willing to take the collateral damage if it means we take down Trump because basically they are heading into 2020 with a parade of idiots running for prez against and incumbent who has sparked the best economy in **** near 40 years.

But here is the deal, this will likely work. Trump loves him some poo-nay-nay, find it hard to believe he turned it down on his 1 trip with Epstein. And that is all that will matter. It wonít really matter Clinton was there dozens of times and even went without his security detail. Trump as a pedophile will be the only headline
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