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Originally Posted by Lungbustr View Post
Beardedbuck. Those air tractor conversions are awesome!! Saw an article about them being used in africa.
Yes, our plane are all over the world. We've had some come back from areas where they grow the coca plant that have bullet holes/dents in the bottoms of the planes. The pilots are hired to spray/kill the planted fields and there are guys on the ground hired to try and shoot down the planes. Those planes have a Kevlar re-enforced belly and bullet proof glass in the cockpit.

I love seeing young folks with the drive and desire to build aircraft. It shows a lot of dedication and discipline to do so. Things like this have to have a lot of thought process involved and loads of attention to detail. I mean after all, you're putting your life on the line once you load up, take off, and leave the things had better be right!

I hope Spidermonkey will keep this thread updated on a regular basis, as it has really perked my intrest!
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