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Originally Posted by spidermonkey View Post
The motor is an 1100 CC Yamaha snowmobile engine, made to go in a racing arctic cat sled. Turbo charged, fuel injected, 3 cylinder. I think he said it puts out 160-180 hp (?), more if you wanted to juice it up, but it’ll have a gearbox on the output since the prop doesn’t need and won’t be rated for 10-15,000 RPM. Think it’s a 3.83-1 gearbox. Course the plane doesn’t weigh nothing, like less than a 1000 lbs w/full (50 gallons) fuel. I believe he said he can “cruise speed” at 150 mph. I may be off on some of my specs, so I’m not 100% on all I’m telling ya. But I’m texting him now to make sure I ain’t out in left field on anything. Cuz I am getting old as he’s pointed out a time or two. Good Huntin, and God Bless, Rusty
Sounds pretty interesting.
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