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Originally Posted by Hoggslayer View Post
Is the fuselage mounted parachute a requirement in a experimental aircraft?
Originally Posted by spidermonkey View Post
You know Jay, I dont know bout the parachute. But Im betting it may be a requirement.
Parachutes are not required in experimentals.

The rans are nice planes, pretty similar to dad's. (He built a kitfox). 160-180 HP is crazy on a plane that light. Dad's is about 100lbs lighter, and is rated for 100-120HP if I remember correctly.

If you have any interest at all in this type of stuff, and especially in building one off parts, you should check out Mike Pateys "scrappy" build on youtube. It's incredible, but be warned, you can spend hours there. He also had a build called draco that was really cool.

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