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Once in my life, I'd have paid to use one of those washing machine scalers...
Me n my cousin bet his dad and my dad we could beat them bream fishing... We were usin' catalpa catapillers (AKA "tobby worms") and were fishin' in the West Log Jamb on B-Dam... wonder if anyone knows what that place is called today... Anyway, we were "snakin' 'em" as they used to say... about as fast as our little Shakespeare pencil sharpeners would wind 'em in... "Man, we gonna put a smack down on them ol' men!!" Deal was whoever caught the most, the others had to clean 'em... Well me n my cousin caught 308 bream!! Had 2 baskets full... We went back to camp and dumped 'em out on a big sheet of tin... My dad and Uncle Louie ... had 311!!! Me n my cousin spent the rest of the day and the better part of the night scaling those suckers!! ...a lesson learned!! To this day, I ain't no bettin' man!
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