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Bear, if you ever have time to look into ASA and attend any of the shoots, I think you’ll be surprised at what you find. You’ll probably enjoy it, too. I shot Women’s Hunter until last year. 30 yard/260fps max, fixed pins. I moved up after winning SOY and the state championship. This year I tried Women’s Hunter Elite, which is another fixed pin class but with 40 yard/280fps max. I shot one qualifier in WHE, and then switched to a beginner’s open class, Women’s Known 40. Yes, I can now use an adjustable sight, a lens, and longer bars, but don’t think for a minute that it’s ‘easier.’ Up until about two weeks ago, my scores with my hunting bow at 40 yards beat my scores with my open bow. If you get the chance, try using what you have in K40 or K45. Shoot for fun if you want to, but compare your shooting to that of the people finishing near the top of the class. Or shoot Women’s Hunter Elite, where you’ll be on a more even playing field.
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