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Originally Posted by bcj jones View Post
Thanks for all the input guys! I appreciate y'all taking the time to write some opinions. I may just stick with some protein feed mixed with my corn and some calcium licks. Anyone have an opinion on protein feed? The stuff at TSC seems to have good reviews
I would not mix the protein pellets with corn in a typical broadcast/spinner feeder. The pellets tend to swell with moisture and clog the funnel.

Most people mix corn with the protein initially to get the deer started and they feed out of feeders designed specifically for protein, either a free choice feeder or a timed protein feeder.

If you are on a small tract or if your neighbors are not feeding protein too, you are unlikely to see a measurable benefit as far as antler growth. Supplemental feeding is only a piece of the management plan. Age is a huge piece and its a lot cheaper than protein. Learn to age deer on the hoof and allow them to reach maturity.

You may still want to feed some protein as an attractant, especially from a timed feeder in your hunting area.
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