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TXBRASS, your post reminded me of what was talked about in a semi-recent MeatEater podcast.

They (some biologists) took multiple buck and doe mule deer fawns from 2 different areas, only a few days old. The bucks from area A typically grew to say 180# and 150" and bucks from area B typically grew into 230# bucks and 180" (I forget these exact numbers, but there was an obvious difference). These deer were raised in the exact same conditions and coincidentally grew up to be similar to their respective fathers.

They then did a test where they bred the original buck and doe fawns (now 5 or so years old) to one another- Area A does bred with Area A bucks; Area B does to Area B bucks. They raised these 'gen 2' fawns under identical conditions to one another, and how they had done in the past. Surprisingly, the 'gen 2' fawns from Area A were something like 40" and 40# larger than their dads. The 'gen 2' fawns from Area B were still around 230# and 180#/same size as their dads.

Their conclusion from this study (I think a 14 year long study) was that the size that a buck reached at maturity was directly related to how healthy his mother was while he was in the womb/how much prenatal nutrition he received.

I forget which Podcast episode it was, but in the past 10 episodes and certainly worth a listen.

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