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Originally Posted by skeeter View Post
Age and range.

I’ve never understood feeding protein to grow bone. I thought calcium was for healthy bone, protein was for muscle. All these body builders wanting to build muscle mass take in mass quantities of protein... to build muscle. How is feeding protein growing bigger bone antlers? I’ve read where all the nutrients taken in by a deer before the age of 4 go to muscle mass.

If we want to grow bone, why aren’t we feeding calcium???
Not sure of the source, but I can try to find it, but there was a study where mineral supplementation (calcium and Phosphorous) was supplemented to pen deer and no noticeable growth increase in antlers was present, but protein supplementation had a large impact. Something about how the protein is converted and utilized (way above my pay-grade knowledge), but it was shown how much consistent protein helps add inches as well as age being the number one factor.

That being said, I still put out salt mineral "rocks" in my feed pens on a regular basis. TSC now carries one that is half the price of the "Trophy" brand. The main reason I do this is after thousands of game cam pics I quickly noticed how much my deer lick on them. They love them, especially in the summer months. Not doing that for growth as much as I'm giving them a treat that they like and salt should increase food and water consumption.

I used to spend a lot on bags of di-calcium phosphate and mix it with mineral salt and put it in a pit in my feed pen. I just saved the money and increased my protein feed output and just went with the rocks for them to lick.

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