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Default Let's talk sidebar/stab mounts.

After shooting a couple of buddies bows with sidebars/stabs, I am seriously considering jumping off into getting one to help balance my bow a little more helping with torque and steadiness. I am strictly a blind hunter these days and I don't mind a little extra weight in my bow so I think it would suit me pretty well with the right setup. Several have recommended the BeeStinger side bar mount but that one little piece of metal is $90. I'll pay it if I need to but was hoping that there might be some alternatives that will do the same thing. The plan was to just run it in the hole on the backside of the lower riser. I don't think I really need a front and back stab mount in this case....just one for the rear. Secondly if there are others that are cheaper, tell my why the Bee Stinger is worth $90 and why I should chose it over cheaper alternatives.. I'm open to listening to the cost justification as well.

Thanks fellas.
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