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Originally Posted by lglidewell View Post
Last nights results with my 6.5 Grendel SBR/Pulsar XQ50 and PVS14 with IR rifle mounted laser.
My buddy I went with used a 5.56 SBR/D760 and PVS14.
2 others were hit but made it to the tree line.
Man y'all were nailing them!!! Nice job!

Originally Posted by Hunteraudit View Post
Tagged. Good video review of the sightmark, well done. What was the yardage on the hog in the second video? Surprising how good that looks
Hmm, that's been a year ago but I'm thinking that hog was about 45-60 yards. He was somewhere in that range. I'm used to walking up really close when I'm using low magnification thermal and if I'm using a Photon I've had several instances where I literally had to turn around and walk backwards because I was way too close for the 4.5x

Originally Posted by BobbyJoe View Post
Love these types of threads.

Question regarding the Pulsar Apex xq38... it seems to REALLY chew up those batteries, especially when it gets colder than say 45 degrees or so. When it's cold I'm not even sure the batteries will last an hour of run time. Does that seem normal? I'm contemplating getting an external battery pack but will it get in the way since I use it as a spotter as well??
No sir that doesn't seem normal. I've sold an absolute ton of Apexes, with a whole lot of them going up north to guys hunting in super cold weather. They all end up with a battery pack but I haven't heard them talk about much less than hour. One thing to note, if it's the cold zapping the batteries, it's the cold...not the scope. What brand 123A batteries are you using? I've done a bunch of research and read all the scientific test results and Panasonic always comes out on top but they are silly expensive. Energizer and Duracel are a close 2nd and they lead the rest of the pack by far. I'd consider a Streamlight or a Surefire but I've have mixed results with them the last few times I used them. I'd really suggest sticking to Engergizer or Duracell.

I've got the Pulsar EPS3i battery packs for $129 and they should run the scope for 6-8 hours. I have several customers hunting up north in sub-zero temps telling me they are getting 4-6 hours out of the EPS3i even in those temps. Two guys told me they've been out when their iPhones won't even power on because of the cold but they were shooting coyotes with the Apex. They're more dedicated than

- Jason
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