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Default 3/4 or 1 ton diesel truck help needed

My 5th wheel is only ~32 footer, but my short bed 6.7 Ford pulls it just fine without a slider. I use a B&W hitch set towards the rear (still over the axle) and can turn pretty darn sharp.
Here it is towing my stuff home from the lease last week.

It does just fine as long as I keep 6th locked out for all but flatland ( not an issue when single towing)
Pulls like a dream in 5th, 2100 rpm's at 73ish mph with plenty of boost on tap if needed.
It Got 8.6- 8.9mpg double pulling this trip.

I have to watch my speed going up long hills because it would creep to 80mph real easy. Thank goodness my copilot was keeping a better eye on the GPS speed than I was (don't want to be changing flat trailer tires).

One thing that sucks for the Ford short bed is the smallish ~26 gallon fuel tank they put in them. Besides that I wouldn't change a thing.
If you go with a newer F250, budget ahead for airbags- otherwise you'll be looking at the sky when you tow.
I like having them, I can adjust psi going down the road to match the ride I want or level the truck if need be.

A short box F350 would be my first choice if $$ is less of a concern. The 350's don't cost that much more, but finding a good deal on one sitting on the lot is another story- they usually don't order too many short box 350's so have less (or none) on hand to deal on.

Have fun with your choice!

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