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Originally Posted by Goldeneagle View Post
And this is the problem. These kids are coming in wanting top $ without having to earn it. They come in having to be trained to do the job, but ***** about the money. Why did they hire in in the first place? Had a kid in his mid to upper 20's that would not work a lick of OT because "They don't pay me enough.". He quit after a couple of months. It took me 40yrs to get to $30 an hour. Nobody wants to earn it anymore.
I don't think OP was looking for a kid out of school. It sounds like he's after an experienced machinist. I just know that if you told me it would take 40-years to make $30/hr I would definitely not be interested in mastering that craft; hard work or not (no offense). So if you want the cream of the crop young men/women to consider your field, the income needs to be higher. Otherwise, you get what you pay for...
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