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I have two of bulldog targets, a large one resting on a homemade stand, and a portable one. You can pull any arrow with two fingers. I don't recommend leaving it in the weather. My big one stayed on the ground before I fabbed up a metal stand. It has a wooden frame on the inside and it's not treated wood. The bottom got soft from the ground and rain water settling inside at the bottom. It had termites in the wood rot as well. I replaced the bottom strip of wood when I refaced the target. Make sure you get the warranted ones if you get a bulldog. Lifetime replacement on the faces. You basically place the new faces over the old ones on both sides, staple them to frame, and then wrap the perimeter skin around the edge and staple it as well. Good to go for a spell again. My big one isn't a warranty product. It's $90 ish dollars to replace the faces.. [emoji35]

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