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I grew up in Lufkin and hunted it from 1990 to 2001. I moved to the DFW area in 1996 and after 5 years of driving back to hunt, I gave it up. It is hard hunting, really hard. In the 11 years I hunted it, I took 4 bucks and that was working for them.
A buddy of mine has been dying and finally did last Friday. We buried him today.
I spent this last week in Lufkin and scouted two days. I found hunters everywhere I went, but one. That was **** near a mile and a half in the forest as well. I found two good places out of walking the woods two days. The best one I could see someone has been hunting it and being that they put in the leg work, I back out. They were there first and Iím only visiting.
I went back to the other place I found and took a decent buck. If on my lease, heíd had walked. However, he was mature and I got him at 15 yards in a gilly suit. It was exciting.
Hereís what sucks. It took almost two hours to drag him out. I thought I was going to need to quarter him to get him out, but I wasnít walking out, driving to town, buying rope and walking back in there. I just dragged and rested, dragged and rested. Really was a tough go.
DNCF is gorgeous. It is my favorite. You will not see a lot of deer and you will see a lot of hunters. Like I said, I saw people everywhere, but one. I had one guy eyeing me with his rifle. I could see him as I walked out of a place I was scouting. He was not there when I went in, but was on my way out. I did not like looking up to see him watch me through a scope. I also found boot tracks all around my truck when I got back. Someone really was looking in the windows for something to steal.
There no cell service anywhere I went either. I hung two cameras and I will go back after the season is over to get them if they are not stolen. Probably will be.
It is special. Pileated woodpeckers call all day, leaves falling and wind sings through the trees. On the flip side, ticks are bad in the forest and deet stinks, so boots and careful steps are a must to avoid them.
Long story shorter, you better eat your wheaties and be ready for long sits. It is the hardest hunting Iíve done in a long time. I scouted two days solid and did three sits. I saw 7 deer. 6 does and the buck.

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