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There is some decent feedback here, however, let's talk about the logistics here.

What scope is going to be on this rifle?

Let's just for grins say you are going to put a Nikon or a Vortex on the .308 Win. and the goal is to reach 1K or 800 even. The total amount of travel within the scope is going to run out of gas before you reach the mark due to the rainbow path required for a .308 to reach that distance. You would need to purchase in addition to the scope, a picatinny base with cant built-in so that that negative amount of travel not used in the scope can be used downrange. Sure the .308 has been around for a long time and it served a role meanwhile, although the ballistic co-efficient or lack thereof has antiquated the round. Don't get me wrong, it's a great battle cartridge and anything inside of 500 yards will have a tragic demise. However, beyond are lobbing out prayers of hope to paint the target because the round becomes transonic.

Where the 6.5 performs on a different level and is more capable of achieving those distances and beyond is a result of improved BCE and velocity.

Human nature dictates a form of evolution, meaning when you have hit one goal or shooting consistently at one distance you will set the bar higher in effort to grow. Like with archery. I'm certain that many shot 20 yards until they improved accuracy and confidence was built and then you began shooting further and further. Now, with many bows...while it may be unethical for some to shoot 100 yards, many bows and hunters are confident in shooting as such as a result of due diligence and practice.

My recommendation would in fact be the Creedmoor. Because I have tested it and enjoy shooting long-range effectively with light recoil.

Hope this helps in your decision making.
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