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Default Drainage Basin Installation

The North Fabius River flows through our farm. We have 60 to 70 foot elevation changes from the ridge tops to the river bed. Several drainages on our farm get very deep....15 to 20 feet deep as the get near the river. We had one in particular that was eating it's way across a 40 acre pasture.

My neighbors two sons have bought a John Deere 850 dozer and a Doosan track excavator that they use on their farm. They took a look at the drainage that was cutting thru our place and said "We can fix that".

I made two trips to Birmingham, Iowa get 40' of 36" HDPE pipe. One section has an six foot 80 degree section welded on it. I also got a 20 ft stick of 18" HDPE to replace a rusted out culvert on another small drainage.

The neighbor boys did their farm chores this morning and got to our place about 10:00 am. By 5:30 this evening they were about 90% done....just in time to do their evening farm chores. We have a couple of hours work tomorrow to get finished with the project. I shot grades and helped set the pipe, but they did all the excavation and grading work.

I got some outstanding neighbors and they are some hard working boys !!

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