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Originally Posted by Collier View Post
Stop by that cedar yard on Hwy183 or I think there is another close to Lometa and see if they know anyone to come cut it and give you a percentage. Get it done and get paid
Originally Posted by Draco View Post
This is what I would do.
Has anyone on TBH done this? I've only heard bad things. The people that owned the ranch before I did tried this and man it was a mess. Took me a LONG time to clean it all up.

It's easy to say just talk to them and make sure they agree to leave the place clean or stump free (or cut stumps low) but I get the feeling it would still be a mess. But I'm not sure..maybe things have changed?

I think there are 2 yards. One is in Lampasas on 183 Are you talking about the other one closer to Briggs?
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