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Originally Posted by Tshelly View Post
Normally if the buck is at a corn pile early season he is there a lot during the night and usually just before daylight. There is always a real good chance of bumping the deer unknowingly on the way in. You can somewhat circumvent this with cellular cameras and slipping in if he is not there, but there is always the off chance he is in the woods nearby. Usually an early season afternoon hunt is best because access is very clean and you can slip out before he shows up or kill him if he makes the daylight mistake.

I think all of us have made the mistake of overhunting a big deer. Like mentioned above, hunt with the wind in your face and choose your shots. Unless your access is impeccable. I would invest in a covert or other cell cam with a solar panel and rechargeable batteries. A cellular camera will certainly help you be more effective and efficient with your scent in the area.

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Thanks for the explanation

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