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I can’t speak to the marriage problems. I’m very blessed and my wife could’ve understandably left me a hundred times but didn’t. I can relate to your struggles with depression though. I still fight that battle a lot, but I used to be a thousand times worse. I listened to Jonathan Haidt talk about a book about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it gives you a bunch of different strategies to deal with your demons in a constructive way. It’s helped me a whole lot and I make a very conscious effort to work on my issues every day. I also read a book by Viktor Frankl called “A Man’s Search For Meaning” that helped, and I revisit probably once a year and have for many years. He was a prisoner in a concentration camp, and he talks about how he would kind of find something to live for, or a purpose, and completely immerse himself in what that may be like. It helps me to put things into perspective, kind of a gut check. The last book I’d recommend is “Wild At Heart” by John Eldredge. I read that one about once or twice a year as well. I wish I had real advice for you, but it seems like you’ve positively identified your problems and you’re on the path to fixing them, which is great and takes a strong person in itself. I’m not very smart personally so I read things from better men and try to learn that way. You and your family will be in my prayers.
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